General engeeniring and structural steels.
  Carbon steels and low alloy steel.
  Welding of Sheet metal.
  High finish, precision and higher productivity.

About Us!


Mudit International Incorporated in 2007, Mudit International produces and sells worldwide, welding consumables such as C02 welding wire, Flux Cored Wires and covered manual electrodes under the brand name 'Mudit International'. Our main markets are in the UK, Portugal, USA and India.

The key raw material used to manufacture these products is wire rod of special steel sourced by reputable international suppliers. Using the latest state of the art wire drawing technology, the steel is submitted to a series of mechanical and chemical processes until reaching the final stage as a finished product. The finished products thus obtained are regarded as having the highest quality available in the market. The very modem facilities of Mudit International are located in Ludhiana, a city in Northern India which is famous for manufacturing engineering goods. Our company's policy’s to provide all our customers consistency in QCD (Quality, Cost &Delivery). In a reasonable period of time we could make rapid strides in terms of product portfolio expansion, production,sales and support services.

The total workforce is permanent employees and to satisfy exceptional market demands, the company brings in temporary workers. The management team, made up of specialized engineers and other qualified technicians, guarantees smooth and efficient operations, permanently supported by a sophisticated quality assurance system.